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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Frozen Logistics located?

Our facility is located at 120 BFG 9000 Way, Taylor, TX, 76574

What additional services does Frozen Logistics offer?

We offer a full range of services for our customers. Here are just a few examples: manual order entry, kitting, case and each picking, aisle-ready pallet preparation, tempering, pick and pack, labeling and repacking, repacking/customization, dry ice production on site. We can also develop new processes and services to complement your products, just contact us at

Will Frozen Logistics perform outbound labeling?


What is Frozen Logistics' approach to continuous improvement?

At Frozen Logistics, we drive enhancements across our organization through our comprehensive improvement system, the Frozen Logistics Advancement Program (FLAP). Our focus areas include workplace safety, food safety, direct labor efficiency, energy conservation and cost management, and facility upkeep.

How quickly can Frozen Logistics receive inbound shipments for storage?

Frozen Logistics requires 24-hour notice for all inbound shipments. However, we do our best to accommodate any request for shorter notice. Please contact us at for scheduling.

How quickly can Frozen Logistics receive outbound shipments for storage?

Frozen Logistics can process most POS for shipment in 48 hours.

How does Frozen Logistics ensure food safety in our facility?

Frozen Logistics ensures food safety through two robust Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans, comprehensive food safety policies, and industry-standard temperature monitoring. Regular training, documented managerial commitment to food safety policies, adherence to the highest standards, and effective communication foster a well-informed, diligent workforce dedicated to maintaining these high standards.

When I am dropping off product to our facility, what is required?

ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) or a BOL (Bill of Landing) as well as Pallet count and SKU numbers for products are needed.

What are your delivery hours?

  • If it’s a “Will Call” (no dock needed), our delivery hours are between a.m. and 10 a.m., Monday through Friday.

  • Dock appointments are from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday


Please contact us at to schedule a time.

Does Frozen Logistics have system integration with its customers?

Yes, Frozen Logistics can integrate its warehouse management system (WMS) with a customer’s ERP system, allowing for a seamless and timely flow of information. Frozen Logistics uses both API and EDI for integrations.

Does Frozen Logistics provide inventory visibility?

Yes, our Extensiv portal offers visibility into your inventory within our network. It provides 24/7 online access, dashboards, and real-time reporting.

Does Frozen Logistics offer training in using the Extensiv portal?

Yes, we provide support to help you get set up and learn how to use the software effectively for managing and tracking your inventory.

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