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Frozen Logistics acquires Taylor Cold Storage.

We're excited to announce that Taylor Cold Storage is now part of Frozen Logistics, central Texas' new leader in cold storage facilities, inventory management and order fulfillment. We have exciting plans to grow our capability, and look forward to partnering with TCS' existing customers on that journey.

The same great service

Wesley has been part of the Taylor Cold Storage team since its founding back in 2002. He's continuing as part of Frozen Logistics' executive leadership.

"We take great pride in the family business and customer relationships that we have built at TCS over the last two decades. I'm excited to take our capability to the next level, Frozen Logistics is a great opportunity for me and our valued customers" - Wesley O'Brien

Additionally, Frozen Logistics is developing innovative software tools to increase our service offerings, deepen customer loyalty, and drive additional revenues.

Looking to the future

We're building a brand new, state of the art facility with an initial footprint of 30,000 sq. ft. and 1 million ft3 of production capacity. Scheduled to be completed in late 2020, this first phase will include freezer, refrigeration, wine and dry storage as well as cooler-assembled order fulfillment capabilities. Fully completed, the facility will contain over 4 million ft3 of production capacity.

"We see great potential to build on the fantastic foundation of Taylor Cold Storage, and look forward to introducing new facilities and new innovations to the cold storage model" - Ruben Cortez, CEO

Please contact us to find out more, on 1-512-5153753 or


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