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Could your business benefit from cold storage?

When someone says 'cold storage', you may immediately think of food production and distribution. That's the aisle in the supermarket we're all familiar with, it's the obvious need in terms of perishable products that must be chilled or frozen between source and consumer.

But it's much more useful than that...

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from chilled or frozen storage, either at point of production, during transport, or at a distribution center before the final leg to end user. Modern businesses employ just in time delivery to avoid warehousing on site, so a flexible off-site cold storage solution is a must. Facilities such as schools and hospitals also have a huge throughput of people that demands immediate, safe delivery and offering of cold foods. And many other businesses similarly can make use of these cold storage and delivery capabilities. Our blog post describes just a few of these additional needs for cold storage

If you suspect your business could benefit from flexible cold or chilled storage in Texas or beyond, we're happy to help you meet the increasing needs of your customers. Please contact us to find out more, on 1-512-515-3753 or

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